Welcome to MML Traffic

This is a weekly newsletter that covers the activity on the Miyazaki Mailing List. I hope it's useful to folks not currently subscribed to the MML, those who want to keep a tab on the MML, and those who just can't keep up with the volume of messages <G>.

News (1/03/03): So, we're still here. Took about a month off, issues will resume with the first week in January. The site is still moving, but still no hard and fast cutoff date from the UW.

News (9/27/02): MML Traffic is moving next week, start pointing your browsers here since a 404 will greet you on October 9.

News (6/7/02): Sorry for the incredible lack of updates, I've been swamped with school-related activities/work. Things will calm down next week so expect some new issues.

News (4/5/02): Next issue coming tonight.

News (2/22/02): No News Is Good News

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