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    All's Quiet on the MML Front.

1. Existance of a Nausicaa Videogame

(8 posts): [Game Rumor] Was there a Nausicaa game?

True? Or just a vicious rumor? Joe Monson queried, "It's been rumored that there was once a Nausicaa video game released in Japan. However, I've not been able to find any info about it. "

Bruce Jones replied, "It's an RPG. It was made back in 1980's for the NEC PC8801 series computer (which was made in 1981-1989). The various models came with either a 360k Floppy or an 8' Drive. Both those media types have very poor durability, so it's unlikely there are many working original copies left in existance."

Michael Johnson dug up some tidbits:

Here's what I found after a bit of a search of Google using the katakana words for "Naushika" and "game":


Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the last two links [2,3] in the "sono hoka" section that contain "PC-8801".


This page describes an adventure game software product sold by Tokuma Shoten and "Technopolice", product number 68TSD-1, price 6,800 yen, copyright Nibariki, Tokuma Shoten, Hakuhodo.


This page describes an adventure game software product titled "Naushika kikiippatsu" (= "Nausicaa in the Nick of Time") also sold by Tokuma Shoten and "Technopolice", product number 32TSP-501, price 3,200 yen, copyright Nibariki, Tokuma Shoten, Hakuhodo.


This page has a database of products, one of which is listed in Japanese as a "game book", titled "Kyoushinhei wo Taosu!" (= "Defeat the god soldier!"). There is also a note about "Not for sale" and a reference to the March 1996 issue of Animage.

I have no idea about the authenticity of the information on these pages.

Joe added some details for [4], "We have some info on the site. In fact, I just found some pics of the insert (the one you mention above), and the actual AM JuJu book (which is what was mentioned on the book page before)."

Noah Selsby continued his propaganda campaign (/me ducks), "I finished Skies of Arcadia and it rather rocked! Similarities to Laputa continued throughout the game. I highly recommend it to any Dreamcast owners that like Japanese RPGs."

I really need to check the game out.

2. "Sen" Synopsis

(1 posts): Sen to Chihiro Synopsis

MOHRI Yasuhide posted a synopsis of "Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi" from the Yomiuri newspaper:

Chihiro, who is the heroine of the film is 10 years old girl. She strayed off a mysterious space while she was moving to suburb with her parents.

The mysterious space was "YUYA" of the different world. "YUYA" means a kind of public bath or hot spring. Various gods and monsters which exist in Japan are healing their tiredness at "YUYA".

The YUYA is being ruled by Yuvarva, who is rapaciously witch. "Yu" means hot water, "varva" means old woman. All humans should work in there, They are changed into animals or disappear if they are not work.

Chihiro got lost to her parents in the mysterious space. And, she began to work under Yuvarva to live. Chihiro was deprived from her name there. She was merely called "Sen". "Sen" is a shortening type of "Chihiro" of the Chinese character.

Can she meet parents again? And, can they return?

He also noted, "today(Jan.5)is Hayao Miyazaki's birthday of his 60th."

3. Totoro's Simpsons Cameo

(4 posts): Totoro featured on tonights episode of the Simpsons

"The Simpsons" and Totoro? Yes, according to SlackJaw15, "the family took a trip to an animation convention. Just as they walk in the door, the show cuts to a wide shot of the convention floor, where in the lower left hand side of the screen there is a booth with a Nekobus on the top and a flying Totoro underneath."

Howard Tom voiced doubts about Matt Groening's (creator of "The Simpsons") involvement, "visual gags are more likely the doings of the animators, not the writers...similarly, the Totoro appearance in an episode of "Powerpuff Girls" isn't necessarily directly attributable to Craig McCracken."

Chris Meadows added, "It's also not beyond the realm of possibility that the Miyazaki insert was done as an in-joke on the part of the Korean animators, without Groening (or whoever was writing that episode) having specified it."


    Vanessa Lopez Garcia says hi. Andrew Osmond writes about the Miyazaki Museum in Issue 8.12 of Animerica. It's based on his trip to Studio Ghibli as reported in July. Yet another victim of region-coding. Keith Emigh unmasks Secrets of the Retail Trade!


    Happy (late) New Year! See you next week.

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