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By Lawrence Lin

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    Issue #100, break out the distilled water!

1. More Ghibli Naming Ideas

(5 posts): Ghibli meaning...??????

More Ghibli thoughts carried over from last week. Stefano Marone wrote, ""Ghibli" is an Arabic- Lybic name for the wind of the desert. It became an "italian" word after the colonization of Lybia in the beginning of the XX century."

Giuseppe Gorgoglione asked, "In Italian the "g" is pronounced in the same way as in "gold". I read somewhere that recently they changed the katakana writing of Studio Ghibli in their logos to force a different pronunciation. Is it true?"

Ryoko Toyama replied, "Ghibli for "Studio Ghibli" is pronounced wrongly, since Miyazaki-San made a mistake when he was pronouncing it. It is pronounced as Ji-Bu-Ri, although Ghi should be pronounced more like gi of gift.

Studio Ghibli made a fun of it by making a short film called "Ghiblies," with Ghi pronounced as "gi" not "ji". It is a story about a made-up animation studio called "Studio Giburi," which looks like Studio Ghibli. The part 2 of "Ghiblies" will be released together with "Neko no Ongaeshi" this summer, so the logo you saw was probably the logo of "Ghiblies," not of Studio Ghibli."

2. A Studio Ghibli Vacation

(2 posts): Studio Ghibli shut down until Feb 2003

Studio Ghibli is taking a vacation. Mike Arnold posted, "This was actually reported at the end of the Neko no Ongaeshi special that aired on NTV yesterday afternoon. Suzuki said that since the staff has been working so hard he wants everyone to 'take a break' and then come back to the studio healthy and refreshed in six months, in time for Miyazaki's new project. He said it's not really a "layoff"..."

It's not known how the break will affect the production of "Howl's Moving Castle".

3. Wide clear What?

(7 posts): Ghibli-related TV programs *in Japan*

When do "No cut" and "wide clear vision" make no sense? When they're used on the MML! After Ryoko Toyama posted a TV schedule with those phrases, Hanno Mueller asked, "What is "clear vision"?" and Giuseppe Gorgoglione asked, "What do you mean with "no cut"? Is it a version with restored scenes, cut away in previous airings, or simply a version presented in the original aspect ratio (no pan and scan)?"

After I posted two (incorrect) explanations, Ryoko stepped in and wrote, "Like most of the previous NTV broadcast (you can check the mail archive), nothing will be cut from the film. (Usually, some parts of the film are cut to make it fit to the airtime.)

"Clear Vision" refers to the technique of transferring a film to video that NTV uses to air films on TV. It's supposed to recreates the color and the clarity of the film even when you see it on TV."


    Mark Yates spotted a picture of a Catbus at Burning Man 2001. Ryoko Toyama reported the completion of "Neko no Ongaeshi". Ryoko also noted the success of "Sen" in Korea. Simon Wilkes posted a link to photos of the "Sen" DVD/Video release in Japan. Hang out with Hitomi Gehrig in Zurich on August 4 and watch "Sen". Andrew Osmond comments on Jonathan Ross. Ilan Nguyen write a long post on the "Shuppatsuten" book. Ben Rudiak-Gould posted some "Castle of Cagliostro" visual gags.


    Here's to another couple hundred issues!

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